Ever wonder How Energy is Delivered to your home?

A new way, a better way,
to do something your going to do anyway

When we discuss solar energy with you we are not trying to convince you to pay for something that you are not already. Each month when the utility bill is due, you are going to pay for it. You are not going to stop buying electricity.

The difference is that you have never had any options to buy power at a lower rate because the electric company is a monopoly with no competitors..... until now.

You can install a solar power plant on your roof to produce your own energy at a lower rate than your current electric company.

How? Easy - as you can see below it is a very long, hard process to produce energy from coal and to transport it all the way from the mine to the power plant and finally to your home. With solar energy, you can produce power from your roof and transport it just 10 feet to your electric panel. The best part is that the sun provides free energy for you to capture and turn into electricity every day.

First - the coal has to be mined and transported long distances to the power plant

Next - The Coal is burned, turned into electricity and delivered hundreds of miles before it reaches your home

What if there was an Easier, less expensive way to power your home?

With the advance of technology and the decrease in price of solar over the last 10 years, solar panels are now more accessible for homeowners than ever before