Solar FAQs

Interested in exploring the benefits of going solar but still have some unanswered questions that are preventing you from moving forward?  We are the trusted source when it comes to going solar.

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Do I Save Money By Going Solar?

Solar lowers your monthly electric payment by replacing your current electric company with clean, lower cost solar energy. The price ($) per Kilowatt Hour (KwH) is lower than your current monopoly electric provider.

Do I Have to Invest Money to go Solar?

The answer is a big fat NO. There are loan options that allow you to replace your current utility bill with a solar loan payment that is lower cost. Energy is a bill you will pay every month with or without solar. Going solar and financing the system lowers that monthly payment. For example, instead of paying $300 to CMP you would pay $225 per month for your solar loan payment, saving you $75 per month.

Does solar produce electricity in the winter?

Yes it does. Of course, the amount in the Winter compared to the Summer time is less. This is why we design a system to over produce electricity in the Summer that allows you to accumulate credits with the electric company (called "net metering"). These credits are then available to be used in the Winter time to help offset the lower energy production during that time.

What is net metering? Electric Credits?

Net metering is similar to roll over minutes on your cell phone. When electricity is produced by your solar system on your roof you either use it in that moment OR you send the electricity back to the grid. When you send it back into the grid, the utility company gives you a credit for that energy. Think of it like an I Owe You credit. That credit can be used at times when you are using energy in your home but your solar system is not producing electricity. This can be during the night or in the winter, for example.

will I still have an electric bill from the utility?

This all depends on a number of factors. We try to design the system to give you 100% of your electricity needs for the full year. If your roof is too small or there is shade in certain areas, then we may only be able to give you a portion of your electricity needs, say 70%, and the remaining 30% would still need to be purchased from your current electric company. Also - some electric companies still charge your a customer fee or other fees that you will still have to pay. These fees are usually under $10 per month.

Do solar panels require a lot of maintenence?

Solar panels do not have any moving parts like your car does. This means that there is very minimal maintenance needed while they are producing power. The Hubble Space Telescope has been running on solar panels for decades without any issues.

What is the warranty i will receive?

We provide you with the industry leading, over the top protection. We provide 25 year production guarantee that will insure your sysystem will produce a minimum amount of energy over the lifetime it is on your roof. This insurance is from a 3rd party company which allows our warranty to stand the test of time, even if we decide to shut our doors one day you will not be left alone.

Can i go off grid?

Although it is illegal in most areas to turn disconnect completely from the grid and shut off your current electricity provider, it is possible to go "independent" during emergencies if you also install a battery system with your solar system. Without a battery in combination with solar, you can not go off grid.

What happens when the power goes out?

If you have a "grid tied" solar system with NO battery system - when the rest of the neighborhood loses power during an outage so will you. If you would like to maintain power during an outage then you have to have both battery and solar combination system.

Will my devices be safe from solar electricity

Yes, there is no need to worry about your source of energy coming from the sun. You will not notice a difference. And when it turns night out you will not notice the switch back to the grid either. The power voltage and quality remain the same.

Can i tell my utility to cancel my service?

I know they have been over charging you for decades, but the utility grid still plays an important role and you will still need them. The good news is that you will not have to pay for their service though. Your power will still come from the grid during the night so its important to keep your service active with them. Refer to "net metering" above for more info.